Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This blog isn't a space for commentary on domestic politics.

But seriously.  Can we all shut up about the Anthony Weiner thing?

Can someone tell me why America cares so much about the sexual wholesomeness of our politicians?  Why do we insist on making Weiner's "inappropriate conversations" on the internet front page news?  How many Americans are really above reproach in their private lives?  Show me one American adult who hasn't had inappropriate exchanges over the internet- whether it's internet porn, flirtation with the opposite sex via online chat, etc.

To me, this isn't about Anthony Weiner.  I don't care if he sent pictures of his chest to women besides his wife.  That's his prerogative.  To me, this is an issue of America's political maturity.  Our morally righteous obsession with the private lives of our politicians is ridiculous- as few of us could actually withstand the scrutiny we subject them to- and a distraction from the multitude of serious issues facing the United States at the moment.

So grow up, America.

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  1. Not sure I agree here. Certainly it's true that no one is above reproach. However, I see two issues in this debate that are more important than his morality:

    1) His Public Obligations: The guy volunteered to represent us. He is making decisions that affect many people, and in signing up to do so he obligates himself to uphold a high standard. A parallel: men have been banned from sports for gambling on their teams, and the issue isn't if gambling is good or bad, it's that they compromised themselves and the game by betting like a "regular" guy when clearly they were not. Same goes for politics. I for one would like to know that the people in authority cannot be blackmailed by special interest groups, thugs, or women with great racks.

    2) His Hubris: What is it about power that blinds people? He can't be an idiot if he achieved this position. So how on earth can he conclude that he would be the one person who could get away with it? Maybe he is an idiot. Maybe his ego blinds him. Either way, he is not demonstrating the logic or common sense to be making decisions for others.

    But now he gets what he what he was asking for. He gets thrown back into the pool where he can send out anything he wants and no one (except his wife) will notice or care.